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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas and New Years... No Not and No More well Kinda

Christmas is fast approaching with New Years quickly to follow. It is the time of year that is synonymous with joy, family and holiday festivities. It is also a time of year fraught with sadness, loneliness and reflection.  For those of you who do not know in addition to being a writer I am a LifeStylist which is a ‘oh so now’ title for someone who resembles a Life Coach but of course we are so much more.  I stepped away from this capacity of my life when I became engaged a few years ago.

He is gone (thank the stars and heavens) and I have resumed this segment of my life.  This being the case as the New Year and 2011 is around the corner my phone is beginning to ring more and more with tones of sadness, desperation and sometimes just stubborn resolve.  No matter the emotion the theme appears to be the same.  No, Not and no more! 

No I am not going to take being the person who is not valued, not appreciated, not respected, and no more will I be the one whose love is not returned.

Single through the holidays can bring on a bevy of emotions some good and some not so good.  The important things to remember are to spend your time in the midst of joy, happiness and positivity. If that is with friends, family or both enjoy each moment, as tomorrow is not promised.

If you are a person of faith of any religion take this time to renew your spirit and soul with time spent reading, rejoicing and give thanks to whichever God you personally worship.

Lastly and just as important no matter your circumstances, good, bad or indifferent you are Alive. Give thanks and party in a phrase made popular by Prince Roger Nelson the ‘Artist’ better known as simply ‘PRINCE’ and ’Party Like It Is 1999.’ 

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