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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yes Time Is Ticking ...away So Stop Tripping If You Don't Have a Date for The Holiday Christmas Party Be Thankful

Be thankful that you have ONE a job and TWO that your place of employment continues to have a holiday party.  Long gone are the days of Christmas Office Parties and forget the BIG BONUS be happy that you did not receive a yellow slip instead.

Be thankful that you did not ask a guy or girl  to be your date at the last minute in an attempt not to look dateless and desperate because that is exactly how you look when asking someone you don't know.

Be thankful because chances are high that this person will make you appear to be a L-O-S-E-R with a capital L.  If the L fits across your forehead than embrace it and ask away.

When you ask a person who you do not know to attend an event of significance where in attendance is family, close friends, co-workers and particularly bosses and possibly business owners you run the risk of your date doing more harm than good.  How?

Very simple you have no IDEA of the character, behavior, and drinking or eating habits of this last minute date.

Best case scenario *** he or she is appropriately dressed, smiles and says hello in a polite manner, knows the proper eating utensils has one or two drinks, can hold a conversation, knows how to sidestep  unwanted advances from your inebriated co-workers. If this is the situation you escape none the worse from harm.

Worst case scenario *** he or she  dresses as if they are going to the state fair, is rude and belligerent to all who speak to them including you, holds the fork like a shovel, drinks like a fish, does not know Sarah Palin from Sarah Jessica Parker, makes out with  your co-worker in the bathroom and leaves with the husband or wife of your boss.  Do I really have to say more?!/MSSURVIVOR100 Says:"
                                                                            "Be thankful that don't have a last minute date or you could be sealing your fate and looking for a new job come the NEW YEAR!"

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