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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oprah's Half-Sister Discovered an UnWed Mother's Secret Revealed

Single parenthood is a topic I am intimately familiar with as my mother Alice was single when she became pregnant with me. I have read many data and statistics in my life predicting my odds of repeating the cycle of unwed motherhood was without doubt a certainty.  Oh but the doom and gloom continued these same scholars would report that without question I would fail in life due to the fact that there was not a father in the home. With predictions like this I sometime wonder why I bother to get out of bed in the morning.

Much to the chagrin, dismay and probable disappointment of those who publish such statistic here I sit a single black woman DOING ME beating their odds one day at a time. I am thankful every day that my mother Alice was her own woman choosing Life for me.  

This brings me to the topic of the day and the discovery of Oprah Winfrey’s long lost and newly united half - sister Patricia Lloyd. Now I am nearly at a loss for words.  Every television and print media appears to be focusing on what Oprah must be thinking.  I personally am wondering what in Sam’s Hill was Oprah’s mother, Vernita Lee thinking.  How on this side of heaven and earth could Ms. Lee think that this secret or blessing would remain a skeleton in a closet? For years there have been unfounded reports that Oprah and her mother are estranged or that Oprah had cut her mother funds off (the second I would never believe) well until now.

I can only imagine the choice to give life to a child but not raise him or her is life altering with long term scars which each mother and father carry individually.  But come on with technology nearly 90% of anyone born after the World War ll can find their biological parents.

The hero in this story is surely Patricia because by all reports she chose to deal with this private delicate and potentially destructive revelation with dignity and class.

If you are single scared and pregnant know that you have choices.  Please consult with a family member, counselor, clergy or a person that you trust. If you are a teen that is pregnant scared and single I urge you to seek medical treatment as soon as you discover your pregnancy.  I also caution that as a teen remember that life is not a reality show. Yes, this is my diss of the MTV show 16 and Pregnant. Whether young or older being scared and single while pregnant is not a sentence worst than death you have viable options and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SINGLE With or Without Insurance ? Health Care Reform

This is it: House Republicans vote today to repeal health care reform. What would that mean? You could once again be denied coverage due to “pre-existing conditions.” Your young adult children could be forced off the family insurance plan. We’d all be back at the mercy of insurance companies’ balance sheets. 

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

House Republicans – egged on by corporate-backed Tea Party members – have made health care reform repeal their top priority. Despite the fact that many of these health care reforms are extremely popular with the public and will bring down costs over time, Republicans don’t care. They simply want to turn President Obama’s resounding victory into a bitter loss.

We all fought too hard to allow this to happen. Sign our petition. Add your voice to the thousands of grassroots Democrats who are standing together to stop the Republican repeal of health care reform. The health of our nation is hanging in the balance.
Sign the Petition

Single Dads Not All Men Are Deadbeat Holla!

I am sick and tired of categories, stereotypes and assumptions. You know what they say when you ASSUME?  If you do not know what they say about the word ASSUME then please ask someone because I am writing words of Blessing and not words of destruction. Smile!

However I came across this article about a Single Dad and his devotion to his daughter and I wanted to share the story.  Now I know many Single Dads and they are wonderful, caring and nurturing men with their priorities in order.  By the same token I personally know the opposite with my own father yet I choose to BELIEVE and UPLIFT the Men who do versus concentrate on the MEN who DON”T.

What do you choose to do?  Single Parenthood for both the Mother and the Father is without question a Challenge and a Blessing.  So call, e-mail or visit and offer your LOVE, SUPPORT, PRAYER and FINANCIAL BLESSINGS to a Single Parent that you know.

Remember contribute to others and watch your life IMPROVE.

                     RICKY JUSTICE  and his daughter ARIEANA
 Children love fairy tales, mostly because of the happy endings.
Case in point: 6-year-old northwest Houston resident Arieana Justice. As she told the story of the Gingerbread Man — the cookie who has to run away time and time again to save himself — she got right into it, making character voices and wrapping it up with an emphatic "The End!"
But it's not "the end" for Arieana and her father, Ricky Justice. They hope it's a new start, beginning with Christmas.
"Good Lord willing," Justice said, "I'll put something under the Christmas tree for Arieana."
Justice, 43, is a single father. When he applied for Medicaid for Arieana's health-care needs, he learned about the Houston Chronicle's Goodfellows program.
"They said, 'How are things looking for Christmas?' I told them I didn't have money right now for Christmas,' " Justice said.
But things have improved for Justice, at least for now. A contractor who wires phone, cable and network systems, Justice recently and successfully bid on a job.
"I was scared I bid too high and would lose it," Justice said. "But the guy said 'OK, your bid was so low, I'll give you an extra $500.' Thank God. I went to work, was able to buy some gifts and get caught up on some bills."
Justice was able to buy Arieana two presents, which are beautifully wrapped, adorned with bows, and stashed under a modest Christmas tree in their one-bedroom apartment.
In order to give his girl her own bedroom, Justice sleeps on an air mattress in the living room. But he still feels blessed.
"Some people don't have a roof over their heads, or the kids don't have a bed to sleep in," Justice said. "I tell her, 'Arieana, we'll be OK.'"
Justice said he is thankful for Goodfellows. Even though he was able to get some work and provide Christmas for his daughter, he often thinks about the people who don't.
"If I hadn't gotten work, and if it wasn't for Goodfellows, I wouldn't have had anything for Arieana this year," Justice said.
Justice has had custody of Arieana for two years.
"I used to be one of the ones who would see single moms and think, 'Oh I guess that dad is a deadbeat dad,' " Justice said. "But now I experience it firsthand. I feed her, I clothe her, if she gets sick I take her to the doctor. It's been rough. I applaud any single mother out there. It's hard."
Arieana visits her mother when time and gas money allow, but she's mostly worried about her dad.
"I want to buy him a puzzle of Sponge Bob for Christmas," Arieana said. "I like Mr. Crabs. He loves money. He wants money every day."
Justice knows that while money is tight, love is not.
"I try to teach Arieana that her feelings do matter, but we have to do what's best overall versus what she might want right now," Justice said.
"I don't know if that's a lesson a little girl should have to learn, but it is what it is."

Thursday, January 13, 2011


January is a great time to take advantage of TRAVEL DEALS


MSC Cruises offers solo travelers the chance to escape on a Caribbean cruise without paying an enormous surcharge this winter.   With the special singles promotion, seven-day cruises aboard MSC Poesia start at $574.80 (plus government fees and taxes) and is applicable for all categories, excluding suites.   Departure dates and itineraries are.

*    7-night–“ Western Caribbean Wonders” cruise on December 5, January 16 and 30, and February 13 to Key West, Florida; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Georgetown, Grand Cayman; and Cozumel, Mexico; single rate begins at $574.80 per person plus government fees and taxes (GFTs) of $81.35;
* 7-night—“ Eastern Caribbean Enchantment” cruise on December 12, January 9 and 23, 
            and February 6 to St. Thomas, British Virgin Islands; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; and  
            Nassau, Bahamas; single rate begins at $574.80 per person plus GFTs of $69.62   

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Is Goggle a blessing or a curse? I do not know but it is amazing. I am often asked," how do I find a man or woman to marry". There is no one answer.  Tonight I am working on a speech and I had a thought to goggle the phrase ‘looking for a wife.’

 In a nanosecond 0.19 seconds to be exact over 26, 400,000 results populated.  Now I am not saying all of them were legit actually I am not saying any of the links that populated are legit.  What I am saying that if you are wondering how to find a wife obviously you are not alone.

My search engine of choice is Goggle and on the first page were several links referencing how to marry Russian or Asian Brides however there were also individual who are looking for a Bride to marry whose links populated.

So my thought is with so men folks looking for wives how come I meet nice, kind, intelligent beautiful and not so beautiful women all the time and the common question from these women to me is, “ how do I find a man to marry?”

My answer is now and forever will be the same and it has nothing to do with the 26,400,000 populated links….

You need to be more concerned about being a Good and Godly woman and let him find you. In the meantime live your life like you are dancing as the song goes and as if tomorrow is not promised.  



Today marks the one year anniversary of the earthquake that struck the country of Haiti.  Remember today that more than one third of the population has died as a result of the devastation caused from the earthquake.

Can you imagine 300,000 people gone from a island of 3,000,000 never to be seen again.

These men, women boy and girls are gone and for most of the world forgotten.

It is important that we continue to do what we can............
Find an organization in your area and volunteer, donate clothing, goods, money and equally important are your time and prayers

The Red Cross toils on working towards providing, health care, water, housing and education.

What are you doing?
King James Bible
And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done [it] unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done [it] unto me.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Survived Being Single During the Holidays YEAH Now What?

Now Valentine's Day is around the corner..yikes! Get over those feelings of apprehension. Being Single is not a disease I repeat Living Single is not a disease but a label a status nothing more nothing less.

Live Single out loud and Happy with Balance and Fulfilled is your choice.

A happy life living in Singledom can be yours however you need to decide what life you want to live and start living this life no matter what is in your past.

You determine your future more importantly you determine your NOW!

E-mail me if you have specific questions or desire one on one Life Coaching