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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain Romance and Cabin Fever

Making the best of a bad situation is a great phrase and thought until you equate 13 inches of rain in 26 days.
Oh did I forget to mention the threat of a tornado that could occur at any moment. The media accounts of damage, the tens of millions of dollars, injuries and death are constant reminders of just how precious life is.

Perhaps if we looked at the constant deluge of rain as a blessing that nourishes our earth, replenishes our water supply and also allows for renewed connections within our interpersonal relationships. Time spent with family and friends inside the home and hopefully not just in front of the television. 

Constant rain is certainly a time for RENEWED ROMANCE to alleviate the tension and monotony associated with Cabin Fever.  Instead of complaining why not attempt one of these romance enhancers:

  • ·  Draw a hot steamy bath/shower with candles and music
  • ·  Picnic at home for two food/wine/music/laughter
  • ·  Games /games / and more games
  • ·  Movie marathon his/hers popcorn and candy
  • ·  Order in Pizza/Chinese/ no dishes hooray
  •    Nothing but candles and music for TWO                              

                                  Teddy Pendegrass Style

What you do is not important as much as whom you do it with and how you choose to do it.  There has to be agreed upon ground rules.  Such as:
  •   No Phone
  •   No Television
  • · No interruptions
  • · No discussion of bills, work, family or issues of any  kind
  • · No children of course unless they cry

 Romance knows no barrier. It is yours for the basking when shared with the right person it can make a rainy day sunny.  It may not pay the bills, fix the stove, clean the house or quiet the kids but it sure feels good. 

Life is short if you are divorced and dating enhance your life sustain the romance. If you are single and solo each of every activity listed will and can enhance your sense of self- love.  If you are separated and seeking reconciliation it may not solve the problems but it can assist to soothe the beast of an argumentative spirit.  Married and mated please do each of the activities and keep marriage alive and thriving. 

Adult games and activities to enhance your love life and romance.  Games to play when raining.  Has your marriage or love life lost that loving feeling?  How to enhance the romance in your marriage (life).

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dating Coach and Relationship Expert

Dating Coach and Relationship Expert

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Life Stylist and Coach Sharen King, Model and Public Speaker, Activist and Writer of popular Singles Forum Blog Scared Single ...but not Afraid, stages seminars, group and individual classes in the art of attracting positive relationships along with self improvement.  
***** Whether it is marriage, companionship, friendship of shared mutual interest call or e-mail to allow me to assist you.******

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today I had an interesting conversation with a handsome, intelligent and charismatic French Canadian who is in his own words happily married. It was a business call about career paths. When we began to discuss my decision to pursue my career as a Public Speaker, Author and Life Coach and not in Sales and Marketing he peppered me with questions.  You see Stephane Page the man with the plan from Canada bread and butter is multi level marketing while assisting others grasp and understand the concept of Leverage and (self) Value.

Initially I do not believe he could properly grasp my decision to write and speak on issues regarding the fastest growing number of population in the USA. To 99.9%  of individuals and companies that base their foundation on sales and marketing the overall thought is to focus on Baby Boomers.  Which has been a true and tried methodology for success. Yet for me I live as a consumer and not as an observer and I see what PHD Professors from Harvard Business School cannot see from their Ivy-league colored window.

What I see is alarming, prevalent but in truth not surprising given the state of our culture. What is it that I see you ask?  Why of course I see single men and women of all socioeconomic status as the fastest growing number of Americans.

My new business acquaintance Stephane Page of MLM Marketing is a hardworking entrepreneur who initially was shocked to hear it was those of us who carried the Status and the Stigma of Single according to the last US census count who are the largest group of Americans at 50.3% and not the BABY BOOMERS of yesteryear.  
This is not to say that Baby Boomers are not the go-to market for advertisers however think about it as a company big or small do you want to be ahead of the trend or do you want to be the trend?

Now I want to close with saying thank you to Stephane Page of Canada because as we finished our phone call he gave me the ultimate compliment in his lovely QUEBEC QUA accent. Which is why I started this particular story. He stated, “I can’t wait to read your book on living single and I am happily married. You are obviously talented and passionate about what you do and how you affect other people lives.”

Now for those of you unhappy in your work, lagging in your career goals or who depend on new markets and leads take a moment or two and reinvest in your business as well as your self value log on and tell him SharenSierra sent you.

Oh and if for some reason you are not happily single, newly divorced, scared of being single, a newly single parent, need assistance with issues of living single happy healthy and in balance call or e-mail me.  Remember the life you save may be your own and the first step to living in your true destiny begins with you and I can help you set and accomplish your goals.

Until then Live Happily no matter your status or you might just end up having Major League Baseball bail you out much like the LA Dodgers baseball franchise due to the ongoing dispute as to the ownership of the team. It appears that after 30 years of marriage and a bitter divorce Frank and Jamie McCourt ongoing personal problems are threatening to destroy the legacy of the team.


Saturday, April 16, 2011


If you are looking for the new 'IT' business opportunity with unlimited earning potential ...try starting a business dealing with anything to do with D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Forget about multi - level marketing or anything that resembles a FINANCIAL PYRAMID unless you plan to do a Bernie Madoff.  Instead find yourself a niche any niche in or around the business of D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Don't laugh any American worth their capitalist status realizes that divorce is a business entity all on its own.  Not to be a pessimist as you know I write about nearly anything and everything to do with living single happy healthy and wise. I want it put on the record for the 99999.99 time that I am a proponent of MARRIAGE. I Believe in the institution of marriage and believe that if you want to be married, stay married and live happily ever after there are three things no five factors that should be prevalent in your mindset.  Commitment, Hard Work, Luck, Prayer and oh yes Love.  However it is important to remember and acknowledge the single status also includes divorcees.

Which is why it is important to incorporate in your life the mantra Scared Single ...but not Afraid.   If you are scared and single it simply means you are smart enough to be cautious. You live in the knowledge that there are positives and negatives in living wether by choice or circumstance as a single individual.  The lessons we learn through living are many and if at this time you are single due to D-I-V-O-R-C-E I want to share information about a software package that contains essential legal documents for Newly Divorced Individuals


It is never my intention to leave anyone out and when I stop to think about the stats considering single men and women in the America a majority of the single populus that fall within the classification of divorced are over the age of 30.  It is a sad state of affairs for our country but true.  If you are a divorcee you do not need me to tell you your married life as you knew it at some point stopped being a joint endeavor.  Keeping that in mind take a moment and take a gander at the link below.  The software for newly single or newly divorced call it what you like covers the essential such as:
1.) Will that meet your specific needs.
2.) Name change notification letter
3.) Health Care Directive
Just to name a few.  

The meat of the matter is scared single but not afraid means taking care of your needs. Just Do You!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


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