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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gone Too Soon Nate Wells

As I am getting dressed for the benefit to honor the life of Nathaniel (Nate Wells), a young man full of life with so much to live for I am reminded of a line from the song Gone Too Soon. The song written and composed by Larry Grossman and Buz Kohan was produced and song by Michael Jackson. I wonder if Michael ever had the thought that this song would be his mantra legacy. I also ponder the thought that maybe just maybe that God whispered in Nate’s ear early in his life. I imagine that God told Nate that he should live his life with vigor and purpose for his time on earth would be short.

I believe God said, “Nate go forth young man and do your thang as only you can do it.” I believe God said, "ride hard my child feel the wind on your face with laughter in your heart and soul." I believe God told Nate, "know me and know love and you will be a good son, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, husband and father." I believe that God said, “Nate man you will know the love and support of a good woman.  You will call her wife and to that union a beautiful flower of a daughter will be born. Be that husband and father that I created you to be. Touch the inner passion in your heart. Give to your wife love, comfort and security as I ordained between a husband and a wife.” I believe God said to Nate, “your seed will bring forth a daughter.  You will embrace her and cover her with love as only a father can do as I have done for you.”  

You only had to meet Nate to know that God most assuredly had a plan for him.  Much like Michael, Nate had a genuine love for family, friends and his community.

So from the outside looking in maybe you would never think of Michael Jackson and Nathaniel  (Nate) Wells in the same breath or sentence but in life and in death these two men were more alike than they were different.  Gone Too Soon, for us but not for their maker.

To the family and friends Nate left behind.  When you think of Nate with tears of sorrow and joy remember the song, Gone Too Soon but especially the verse

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day and Gone One Night

Most of all remember to live every day and give thanks to the Lord our father.



Wednesday, June 8, 2011



I often say that the SCARED SINGLE forum is not just about being or living single. No quite the contrary Scared Single is meant to be a insight for happy, healthy and balance living for everyone. Yes it is a forum for the Single community but also for the Marrieds.  This site is for the Marrieds who do justice to their status of Being Married. They live their lives well and with good life skills and healthy habits. These groups of Marrieds more than likely are truly the Scared of being Single crowd.

This being the case so often I get questions, e-mails and phone calls about negative behavior concerning love and fidelity. It is s easy to concentrate on the negative. Today no pun intended I want to give kudos and shout out to Meredith Viera as of tomorrow she will be the former co-host of the Today Show. 

Meredith is stepping down from her esteemed and well paying position to honor the institution of her marriage. Her husband, Richard Cohen a respected news producer and writer has had a 30 year battle with MS. He also has had bouts with cancer. It is reported that his medical condition has deteriorated to the point he is legally blind and the illness has attacked his vocal chords, arms and legs.

I send the Meredith Viera Cohen/Richard Cohen and family much love and blessings. BEN, GABE and LILY                                         

It is true: and to know this Love that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God… Ephesians 3:19 
                                                            For God Is Love

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


When I worked in the professional sports industry as a publicist I was privy to many assignations between players, owners, agents and management outside of their marriages and committed relationships. I say this to share that I am never surprised. I can still remember the first time a Denver Bronco quarterback shared with me his response to his wife when she would question his fidelity. The true and tried statement of fact was DENY DENY DENY UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE. I guess for Congressman Anthony Weiner the phrase is DENY DENY DENY UNTIL YOU RUN OUT OF BREATH.

Try like I might to stay away from the Congressman Weiner situation it is virtually impossible to ignore the obvious.  All I can say is if it does not pass the smell taste than it is obviously rotten. 

Can you say entitlement, cowardly, stupidity, lack of morals and ethical behavior?  It is not that he did the sexting or e-mailing. That issue really is between he and his wife. If there were kids involved they too would bear the blunt of the act.  For me personally there are two issues to be addressed and both have to do with his sheer impudence. How could he think once it was leaked, posted on Big Government by Blogger Andrew Breitbart, that those that exposed him did not have the factual evidence to prove it a legitimate claim?

My concern is how can anyone trust him in any situation public or private if he simply denies, denies and denies over and over again knowing that he is guilty of the act.  Is not the definition of Psychotic Behavior as defined by Integrated Publishing? I’M JUST SAYING…NO REALLY! If not what makes a man that has so much to lose intentionally have a hand in his own undoing and then expect not to be caught or judged. Not by me but his constituents, peers and the watchdogs of politics.  Again most importantly to his spouse, Huma Abedin Weiner who If the bloom has fallen off the rose he should tell her. He obviously does not feel he owes her the honesty of total fidelity but perhaps he could have spared her the shame and self doubt that is heaped upon the victims of partners that cheat. 

That much I can judge because when you have walked in the shoes of another it gives you insight. Just as importantly entitlement of an opinion.


a. Definition. Just as there is no real line between "normal" and "neurotic"
behavior, there is no definite line between "neurotic" and "psychotic" behavior. A
person suffering from psychosis has a severe mental illness marked by loss of contact
with reality. On the other hand, the person suffering from a neurosis has only a minimal
loss of contact with reality but has emotional problems that may impair his thinking and
b. Characteristics. Among typical characteristics of psychotic behavior shown
by the psychotic person are the following:

(1)Inability to relate to reality.
(2)Inability to differentiate between the real and the unreal.
(3)Usually, complete loss of insight

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rape and Violence

Rape is a violent act of power over it's victim(s). It is a crime of violence and not just an act of sex.
There are various forms of rape each act of sexual harassment is rape whether its is physical, verbal, or emotional.
Each of these acts or demoralizing, painful and leaves long lasting scars.
Rape is neither a male or female crime but both
Do not kid yourself a VICTIM of Rape/Sexual Harassment never forgets,

They just learn to live with it ...if Lucky

What to do if you are Raped

Sharen Sierra


Today I have had a few interesting calls and e-mails. A few about Rihanna Man Down video and yet others concerning Anthony Weiner alleged lewd photos.  Now I have not seen the photos but I have seen the Man Down video and while different both have a same and similar theme that runs concurrent through both.   

* Note adult material discussed in this posting*

Sexual deviant behavior, man v woman, power v victim and those are just three believe me there are other similar issues within both situations. Now in some ways I want to know why as a global world are we so obsessed with sex and sexuality. Now that I got that off my chest I can address the issues. None of us would be alive if a man and a woman had not copulated.  So get over yourselves and get out of other people’s bedrooms. While you were born perfect and without sin those traits quickly faded into reality.

Weiner who is Jewish has a beautiful bride of less than a year Huma Abedin who incidentally is Muslim. They married July of 2010 in a glamorous Long Island wedding.  Now I am not one to say I told you so however when you marry a man who is known as a PLAYBOY while not justified it comes with the territory.  Not to say it is acceptable but when you marry within the ring of fire chances are you will get burnt.

I watched Weiner many backtracking interviews as to if it was he in the photo, did he send the photo, does he know the woman etc.  Speaking from personal experience and I do not mean a good and healthy personal experience…if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck than it is indeed a  Duck. 

 If Mrs. Huma Abedin Weiner were not Muslim I would bid her good luck, strength and endurance.  As she is Muslim and Muslim’s believe that ‘all things are destined in the universe by Allah who knows the unseen.’ I say turn off your radio television, internet and throw away the paper.

This is a perfect example of why married people are also Scared Single.  Scared of being single because they married idiots sorry that is not exactly an adult word lol. What does a person do when they discover although they are married their spouses are living as if they are Single with no regard for the sanctity of their marriage?  Scared not only of being Single but now of being married because he or she trusted their hearts, their goals, their dreams, their bodies (health) to a person who vowed to honor them with respect, love and fidelity but did not. NOW WHAT!   

In Jamaica and most of the Caribbean where the video was shot Rihanna’s action are in many instances acceptable and not unusual.  Over the course of 2.5 years I spent nearly half or more of my time living and working on the beautiful island.  There is a very common theme that permeates within the culture concerning a person who ‘Dogheart’ another.  Disrespect can and does lead to violence and yes Death. 

Rihanna is not the first to write a song where deviant sexual behavior coupled with lack of respect and violence begets violence.  I in no way advocate violence. In some cultures many more than we in the USA want to admit it is the norm to handle similar situations with violence often leading to death.  More often than not it is the woman who dies at the hands of the man.  But sometimes the pendulum swings back the other way.

Which is how women find the voice inside of them to write songs like Man Down.  
Sometimes people just take you there. 

****make sure to leave your comments and thoughts PEACE****