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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

            Jill'S$ Deal's on Today Show

If you are looking for a late summer early fall must have deal. Take a gander at these must have shopping deals ranging from bed linens, comforter sets for kids. adults for both men and women. There are also must have jewelry for both men and women straight from the red carpet of hollywood's famous and almost famous from Kim Kardashisan (who is famous for being famous) to Kate Winslet, George Clooney, Jada Pinkett and Hallie Berry just to name a few.  Click below to buy now. Hurry limited supplies available.
The products are on sale up to 80% off

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Mon Ami Shamballah Bracelets         
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Philosophy Skin Care Kit
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Stella and Jamie Handbags    
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iHome’s iP2 Studio Speaker System
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These deals go quickly so you might want to check them out now.

Friday, August 19, 2011

                           TO SNOOP or NOT TO SNOOP?

I am often asked about the act of snooping when it comes to dating. My first thought is “if you look you will find.” But once you find the good and the bad what will you do?  I really do not know one guy or girl oh wait my ex did not snoop with his ex but then again he found out later he truly did not know anything about her.  Ok be that as it may we are talking about you and your snooping. 

Snooping is not endorsed nor is it right well 99.9 % of the time it is wrong, wrong and just wrong. However there is that 00.1% when I would be lying to you if I thought it was not justified. Would I tell you to do it?  The Christian evolved woman says stay away from snooping but yes I must admit I have snooped. It is not the norm for me but the time I did snoop my suspicions were 10000% accurate.

To snoop or not to snoop is a debate that can go on to the end of time yet the bottom line is if you are involved with a man or woman that gives you cause to be afraid or suspicious you need to first examine yourself. Determine and be honest with yourself if it is your own paranoia or lack of self -esteem and if not. If the person you are involved with gives you cause not to trust them than you should run like Forrest Gump in the opposite direction.

So ask yourself before you snoop.....
I think my girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating.
I know my girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating.
I saw my girlfriend or boyfriend cheating.
Now what am I going to do?
I think my girlfriend or boyfriend has a deviant life that they are hiding.  (you define deviant)
Now what are you going to do?

The list goes on and on but the bottom line is once you confront he or she are you prepared to take action?

I am going to leave you with I said in the beginning of this post if you look you will find. You may find something totally unrelated to your initial thoughts which can either break or save your relationship.  But before you go snooping, do yourself a favor.  Go a full length mirror and look at yourself top to bottom, bottom to too. Take your hand pull out your pointer finger and point it at yourself. Now look at the three fingers pointing back at you.  

If you still have a hankering to snoop..than have at it, You deserve exactly what you will find. I know I did.  However in my case SNOOPING saved my life.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

                      Solo Travel for Singles- Late Summer Travel Specials

Colony Palms Hotel – Palm Springs, California

Two-Night Stay in Deluxe Room 

and Spa Credit. Four Options Available.

Are you afraid of traveling as a single woman. Are you Scared of traveling alone, Scared of dining alone in a new city? Solo travel does is no longer a taboo subject. If you have the time and the resources there is no better time to take advantage of travel specials especially at luxury hotel and travel destinations.  Everything is discounted from 4 star accommodations to local historical sight seeings must sees. Long gone are the days when traveling and dining alone was looked upon as  no-no.  Live your life aloud each and every day.  Remember that a box on a questionnaire that signifies your marital status or lack there of does not determine your self worth. 
We here at Scared Single but not Afraid!  We have your back....... Go Do See for tomorrow is not promised.


36     Buy
You Save
  • Time Left To Buy
  • 6 days 19:25:38

Reinvention of a Historical Speakeasy

Ethereal black-and-white portraits of scantily clad starlets adorn Colony Palms Hotel's walls, hearkening back to the hotel's past as a speakeasy, brothel, and gambling house. The property's fourth reincarnation—brainchild of designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard—eschews modern frills for Moorish ornamentation. The resulting Mediterranean-chic hotel exudes exotic charm with tribal weavings, carved furniture, and half-shell lanterns.
In the comfort of a Deluxe guest room, a Suzani-style headboard rises over the horizon of one king bed or two queen beds. Handwoven by Uzbekistani artisans, each crimson tapestry depicts flower and vine silhouettes, their stems winding and waltzing circuitously across the fabric. Down-stuffed pillows barricade each mattress, topping a down-stuffed duvet and its underlying Italian linens by Matteo. After rinsing in an oversize shower and inventing new facial expressions at the oversize vanity, lodgers can swaddle up in a bathrobe, sip a coffee, and peruse the morning paper. In each hideaway, wide windows overlook the courtyard, pool, or San Jacinto Mountains, and some Deluxe quarters offer additional amenities such as a fireplace or a claw-foot bathtub.
Rising prominently in the hotel's backdrop, the San Jacinto Mountains shadow the hotel's two-story Spanish colonial-style building. Mature palms crest terra-cotta eaves, adding a touch of privacy to the heated outdoor pool. Beach chairs offer front-row seats to alfresco marco polo matches, and the indoor Purple Palm Restaurant & Bar, promises splash-free panoramas of the sparkling waters. The eatery's lavender wallpaper depicts swaying palm silhouettes, and overhead lanterns harness the sun's golden light. On olive-hued banquettes or leather chairs, diners indulge in such delicacies as pole-caught tuna or Loch Duart salmon, expertly prepared by executive chef Brian Kiepler. Marathons of relaxation round out at the Moroccan-inspired spa, where trained staffers administer waxes, massages, facials, and body treatments. The accompanying fitness center and quiet room calm bustling brains and strengthen sinews.

Palm Springs, California: Retro Metropolis among Rugged Mountains

Midcentury modern architecture dominates Palm Springs' landscape, echoing of Colony Palms' retro roots. While the city's piano bars and kidney-shaped pools smack of the 1950s, the San Jacinto Mountains' granite peaks, subalpine forests, and fern-fringed mountain meadows retain timeless appeal. Sneaker-clad sojourners can explore the high-country wilderness via the Pacific Crest Trail—a scenic pathway that spans from Mexico to Canada—or soar to 8,516 feet in elevation via a rotating tramcar. In addition to whisking wanderers over the Chino Canyon, the tramway deposits travelers at the gateway to the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument, which encompasses about 272,000 acres of verdant wilderness.
Back in the lowlands, travelers at the Moorten Botanical Gardens scrupulously snake past more than 3,000 examples of desert cacti while carefully resisting the plants' outstretched spines and delightful hedgehog impersonations. About 2 miles north at the Palm Springs Art Museum, the soft and sensuous brushstrokes of Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh grace the current showcase of modern-era artists, open until September 4.
Five miles away, the Palm Springs Air Museum corrals one of the nation's largest collections of WWII aircraft alongside period artifacts and military uniforms. Twelve miles north in Desert Hot Springs, Cabot's Pueblo Museumtransforms found objects, including windows and doors from abandoned homesteads, into in 35-room treasure ascending four stories. Back by the hotel, walkers can saunter along the cool, cobbled length of Palm Canyon Drive, whose palm-studded arms stretch with vintage furniture stores, charming boutiques, and ample perches for people watching.

What You Get

  • For $236, a two-night stay for up to two adults Sunday–Thursday in a Deluxe room August–September
  • Or, for $286, a two-night stay for up to two adults on Friday and Saturday in a Deluxe room August–September
  • Or, for $277, a two-night stay for up to two adults Sunday–Thursday in a Deluxe room October–January
  • Or, for $349, a two-night stay for up to two adults Friday and Saturday in a Deluxe room December–January

    Included in all options:
  • $50 spa credit
  • $25 food and beverage credit


  • Views of San Jacinto Mountains
  • Heated outdoor pool
  • Italian linens by Matteo
  • Down-filled duvet and pillows
  • Oversize shower and marble-top vanity
  • Complimentary morning newspaper
  • Exercise facility
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • High-definition LCD TV

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

                  How Soon IS too Soon (if ever)

If you and a guy or girl have discussed getting together but he or she (equality) has not called to set firm plans How Soon is Too Soon for you to call (if ever).

Does it matter if it is the first date?

Does it matter if it is a blind date arranged by friends?

Does it matter if it a social Internet acquaintance ie FaceBook
 MySpace,  ZOOSK  Match
             JDate , eHarmony,
                                  I think you get the picture.

As usual we at here at Scared Single welcome your comments.  Remember a healthy relationship should never be about the         Battle of the Sexes
John1:12  All people, men and women, have the opportunity to become children of God - presumably without regard to gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, etc.
(each person is promised Love for God is Love)

Monday, August 1, 2011

    How to Purchase A Car as a Single Woman or Man
Purchasing a car as a single woman, purchasing a car as a single man or how to purchase a car as a woman, or what to do to purchase a car?  Any way you phrase it, write it slice or dice it the theory and the end result is the same.    How to Buy a Car and Save Money? Shopping For a Car!

Buying a car can be a tenuous and harrowing experience for anyone single wether male or female.  For as long as I can remember the process of purchasing a car used or new is a topics that has taken on a bit of folk lore all its own.  There are jokes written about dealing with pushy car salesmen and women dating back to the Ford Model-T.  There are movies that paint all car salespersons in the light of pushy, arrogant, conman hustlers. Such as the movie ‘Cadillac Man’ starring Tim Robbins and Robin Williams which is a must see for anyone who thinks they are a born salesperson. There is one prevalent theme that is consistent in 99.9% of the movies involving car sales and that is that the buying public would rather have all their teeth pulled without the benefit of a mind-numbing painkiller than to purchase a car.
               Single Women Buying a Car face many of  same concerns as a Married woman.
Yes purchasing a car has long been an act of necessity that in most cases involves extreme amounts of anxiety with a mixture of I am going to get them before they attempt to get me.  The them is the car sales person and finance manager that everyone is positive their one goal in life is to fleece every dime and lint ball from their purse and pocket. The ‘me’ of course is sally and john q the customer, we the public who are the natural archenemy of the car salesperson. 

Or is that a reality we have bought into for more decades than I have been alive.  Whichever and however you choose to view the buying process there is now an equalizer that has been thrown into the cake batter so to speak. It is the one factor that naturally sweetens the cake and that of course is the Internet.

Traditionally women have always fell prey to this situation for obvious reasons I will not belittle your intelligence by writing them down besides it makes my blood boil to think about the notion that women were (still not) not considered equal (intelligent) enough to drive, purchase a car or know anything about maintaining a car.  Ok I said I would not jump on my soapbox but I did.  In this case you have my permission to shoot the messenger.

My first car was a 64.5 Ford Mustang (thanks to my wonderful neighbors Jim and Sandy Agee) and my mother Alice and step-dad Clarence. I dearly loved my car and one of the main requirements set down for me from my loving task master mother (thank God she did) was that I be equipped to handle myself and know maintenance issues when they would arise which if course did with a F.O.R.D  
                                                    Know Your Checklist

I had to learn to check all fluids
I had to learn and participate in the changing of spark plugs
I had to learn and participate how to change, drain, filter oil
I had to learn and participate on changing out the hoses.
I had to learn to jack up my car (maybe that is where the term carjacking came about) and change the tire

Yes all of this and more and it began with getting out the yellow pages and calling the auto parts and salvage companies.

Below are a few tips for both men and women to consider and answer before stepping one foot on to a car lot.                                                              
                                                Scared of Buying a Car Don't Be

Begin your search:

*Visually while driving notice which cars make and colors
  and features that catch your eye
* Know or get a general ideal what you can get approved for
* Know your real and immediate needs
* Search the Internet narrow down your choice to 2 or 3 cars
* Know the features that are standard and premium, color
* Trade-in or Cash – Rebates – Incentives collect and know
* Ask friends and family for referrals dealership/salesperson
* Consult a car broker or auction (if financing is in place)
* There are ways to purchase on the Internet such as
   Craigslist and E-bay but heed warnings
* Choose your search demographics
* Don’t forget warranty concerns for both used and new
* Swing away and choose the car, make, color, price 
   cost and allow your Internet to do your work
 * Test drive and choose your new or used mode of
*** When purchasing a Used car from dealer ask about what
   is the true and accurate term Pre-Certified * Warranty still
   existing if any or what warranty they have in place or offer.
*** Also when possible take a trusted mechanic with you
    before you talk price.
*** Carfax  Carfax Carfax  especially for frame, weather
   damage or car accidents

Equally as important read the automobile magazine ratings that are neutral on all safety issues, re-sell values and consumer advocacy concerns.  Such as Motor Trends, Consumer Guide Auto your online source to how things work.

Last but never least the granddaddy of them all Road and

Whatever you do before going to purchase a car do not watch the movie ‘Tin Man’ with Richard Dreyfuss. A great movie but definitely not a movie you watch before purchasing a car.  
                                              From me to you Happy Car Hunting.