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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Fiction or Fact car salesman take advantage of Single Women when buying a car? Well to answer that question I think there are four important factors to consider.

One remember living SINGLE is a STATUS not a disease and certainly no reason to be a victim.
Two a consumer should be educated on all products they are purchasing especially BIG TICKET items such as an automobile.
Three only buy from a reputable and long established car dealer.
Four you have a choice when working with a salesperson. This being the case choose an auto salesperson such as Sharen King of Performance Honda located in Fairfield Ohio just minutes away from Cincinnati,  West Chester,  Hamilton, Forest Park and Springdale.  
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Sharen is not only a Honda Specialist she prides herself in providing excellent customer service coupled with product knowledge. She is able to assist you in the area of new and pre-owned vehicles as  Performance Honda has a large selection of pre-owned (used cars) for sale on the same lot.

There is no need to be scared as a single, or married woman when it is time to purchase a car. Simply call on a professional who takes pride in assisting each customer with attaining the car they desire.  Call Sharen King 513.829.7300 for your appointment or if you have a question concerning the purchase of a car.  

Performance Honda located 5760 Dixie Highway (45014) recognizes the needs of their customers that may have experienced an interruption in employment, medical bills, foreclosure or other hurdles that many Americans or facing. Performance Honda now has a Special Financing Department with Dave Grathwol as Special Finance Manager.  Dave has over 29 years in the automobile industry in areas from sales, to management and prides himself on getting the customer financed that may have had some hurdles and interruptions in the life of their credit history.  

So fact and the truth of the matter is living Single is a Status not a  disease and when you want to purchase a car either in person, via internet call on the Auto Specialist Sharen King of Performance Honda and she will be thrilled to assist you find just the right car for you.    513.829.7300
Remember to ask for Sharen direct number 480.225.7292

Friday, November 18, 2011

             Mobile Phone Etiquette When Dating: Dinner Date
dating report has revealed some top tips and advice with regards to mobile phone etiquette. The survey recommends that a dinner date is for the two persons involved only and to not let modern technology get in the way when dining. It is advised that Brits need to call their potential partner to arrange the date as opposed to text message; and to plan the date details in advance by talking over the phone.

A top tip if you are expecting a call in the middle of the date is to warn the other person in advance and explain how important it is to respond immediately. This doesn’t mean that you can answer a text message about the latest football scores but rather answer a call from the work boss. When the call does occur, politely apologise and excuse yourself from the table; don’t just carry on sitting there and talk away as it will make the date feel extremely awkward. However, make sure the call is quick as they won’t sit around and wait for you forever.
Technology when dating is paramount as it can be the stepping stone to search for your soul mate by using free online dating sites. But after finding a loved-one, the tools stop there and you should leave your phone in your pocket when eating scrumptious food in a lovely restaurant on a special rendezvous. Even if your date has their phone out on the table that doesn’t mean you can too. And when they leave to go to the bathroom it doesn’t mean you can start updating your status on Facebook or checking the news feed on Twitter.
Focus your complete attention on your first date and under no circumstances should you take a picture of them eating and upload it to social networking sites. What is more, don’t send them a Facebook friend request just yet as it is far too early and try not to tag them on the date in your Facebook places or Foursquare. Moreover, avoid blogging about the date if you know they can see it even if you only have positive things to say. So follow these great instructions when on a dinner date but first and foremost, find your partner at
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