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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Recently on my radio show Relationship Realities on W.A.I.F. 88.3 FM ( I had the pleasure of having as a guest Ms Terri Green. Our topic was living a life based on your values.  Ms Green has a passion and a vision to empower young girls to identify and learn values versus likes during their preteen years. She is on a mission to teach and instill in youth the importance of how this will affect their decisions and relationship throughout their lives. Learning early will allow youth to live a balanced life emotionally, mentally and physically contributing to their future success and joy.  It will allow them to traverse the highway of life’s potholes as an astute driver and in control of their lives. 

Since the time of the show without forethought I have found myself questioning myself on this very same subject.   Periodically with no warning the questions will begin to run through my mind.  What do you value most and are you living a value-based life?

What about you? Who is in your life and do their values coincide with your values? In each avenue of your life do your values align to enhance your very existence?

Sounds like heavy stuff right?  Actually not but in real time and in reality yes. 

Living a value-based life can take a load off your shoulders figuratively and literally. Values have no physical weight yet they can weigh heavy on your mind both mentally and emotionally.  Values have no monetary cost however if you do not live a value-based life you pay a heavy cost.  You do not have to get up at 6 am go to the gym, sweat and grunt it out yet in a sense you do need to train yourself to have a value-based life.  To live a value-based life takes daily discipline. If for some reason you fall off your diet and training schedule it becomes increasingly harder to get back on track.

Living a value-based life may be heavy stuff in the beginning but you can bet the family farm that you will be equipped to fight the good fight to living a life full of joy, balance and fulfillment.

So in short HOW YOU LIVING are your living a value-based life or are you JUST LIVING?

Peace to you...........  Sharen Sierra


Monday, July 23, 2012

                                               SINGLE PARENT DATING

The more things change the more things stay the same. Dating as a single mom or single dad was not easy in the 50's and it really has not gotten much easier. The concerns and dangers are still the same.  Are you a single parent scared of dating again?  Do you think it is easier for a single mom to date? Or is it easier for a single dad to date?  Either way if it was truly easy everyone would be doing it don't you think?

Below are just a few questions I get asked when it comes to alleviating the fears of single parents.

A) Who can you trust to care for your kid How much is the babysitter?
B) Will you kid(s) act short will they destroy the house and scare the sitter.
C) And of course will you be able to truly be in the moment thinking about what your kids are doing. 

No single parent dating is not a walk in the park but it really is necessary for you to have an active social life even if it is simply a walk in the park. So take a chance and jump in with two feet just remember to keep your snorkel gear on just in case. I'm just saying if not know than when? It is summer after all and everyone needs to have a little summer fun.

Just so you know 'for real tho' that you are not alone please note the figures and stats on Single Parents:

  • Children Being Raised in Single Parent Homes:

  • 21.8 million children under the age of 21 are being raised by a single parent.

  • This represents 26.3% of all children under 21 in the U.S.

  • Custodial Single Parent Statistics:

  • Mothers represent 82.6% of all custodial parents.

  • Fathers represent 17.4% of all custodial parents.

  • Single Parent Statistics Regarding Employment:

  • 53.7% of custodial single parents work full-time, year-round.

  • 27.7% of custodial single parents work either part-time or part-year.

  • 18.7% of custodial single parents do not work.

  • Single Parent Statistics and Poverty:

  • 24.6% of all custodial parents and their children earn less than the Federal poverty level.

  • 12.5% of the general population in the U.S. lives in poverty.

  • Single Parent Statistics and Government Assistance:

  • In 1993, 22% of custodial single parents received Aid to Families With Dependent Children.

  • AFDC is now Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

  • In 2007, 4.3% of custodial single parents received TANF.


 Sharen Sierra