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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

          Is a Kiss Just a Kiss?


Think about it when we are young and have a boo-boo no matter what medicine is applied only the kiss of our mother could make the pain go away.
***Nothing heals like a kiss

As a small child whether a boy or a girl when you get your first innocent crush:
***Stealing a kiss is the absolute best

Too young to know the significance yet we know even at an early age there is
***Something special in a kiss

 As we grow in years and our hormones rage:
***A kiss can set us aflame 

A kiss at this age can as the Staple Singers were fond of saying: 
*** A kiss can Take You There

Oh now the innocence of adolescence has passed we are adults busy in our lives too busy to take the time and without noticing a kiss dissipates to just a peck

*** Has our kiss lost its connection to our heart???

Now time has passed and we are fully grown and suddenly again we are young at heart and with that we long for the simple pleasures that bring us joy because happiness is fun and fleeting but joy is ever-lasting.

*** A sweet sweet kiss now permeates our memories and we long to feel the healing powers of a kiss coupled with the simple pleasure of our youth. We long for the raging passion of adolescence along with the adult knowledge to know better than to take a kiss for granted. 

Now with our newfound wisdom we, you, and yes even I realize a kiss is made that much more pleasurable with the intimacy of unwrapping the kiss slowly like a tightly wrapped foiled covered chocolate candy kiss

So what are you waiting for go out and find someone to:   


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cancer Patients Benefit From Massages

As part of my Because They Care Series where I highlight guest authors on subjects that assist us in living our lives out loud with balance and joy I am featuring this article written by Melanie Brown of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Sharen Sierra highly recommend the following article for individuals dealing with a diagnosis of Cancer.  I personally know as my mother, Alice Young was diagnosed with stage IV uterine cancer and was told she had 6 months to live.  My mother looked at her doctors and simply said, "no offense but you all may be good but you are not MY GOD." While she is no longer walking this earth she was right she survived and thrived through the illness and treatment.  We included both a medical and holistic approach and massages were a part of her life and road to recovery.  

      Studies Show Massage is Beneficial to Cancer Patients

Massage can help anyone balance their stress level, but this is particularly important for someone who has to go through difficult obstacles concerning his or her own health. Massage is especially beneficial to someone who is dealing with difficult obstacles in his life.  One of these obstacles could be a health condition, such as cancer.  Studies show that cancer patients are benefitting in several ways from therapeutic massage. We are seeing therapeutic massage being used more frequently in medical treatment programs.  Massage assists patients by reducing their symptoms, improving their ability to cope and enhancing their quality of life.  Cancer patients, including those with mesothelioma, are using therapeutic massage to improve their sense of wellbeing and help control some of their symptoms. Published reports of studies done on therapeutic massage and cancer do reveal benefits to the patient.

One study was conducted on patients that received treatment at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center located in New York City. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the changes in symptom scores from each patient, in reference to his pain, stress, fatigue, nausea, depression and anxiety.  The study included 12 licensed massage therapists and 1290 cancer patients. Three massage variations were used: light touch, foot massage and Swedish. 
Data from the patients’ symptom cards indicated that their pain decreased in severity by about 50 percent after their massages.

In September of 2004, the “Journal of Pain and Symptom Management stated that these 1290 cancer patients showed promising results related to a decrease in their pain, anxiety, fatigue, nausea and depression.A more recent prospective randomized trial that was conducted by the Canadian Touch Research Centre located in Montreal and CHUM Hôpital’s department of radiation and oncology, evaluated how massage therapy affected anxiety levels in cancer patients who were undergoing radiation therapy.  Over a period of six months, 100 patients were assigned randomly to control sessions or massage sessions.  The massage group was given a 15-minute massage prior to radiotherapy for 10 days, consecutively.  The control group was not given a massage.  A Visual Analog Scale and The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory were utilized to evaluate each group.Following their massage, patients’ anxiety scores were reduced by aver 40 percent, as compared to their pre-massage scores. In both of the groups, patients noticed an average reduction of 20 percent in their anxiety, between their first and last radiotherapy session.  This is not considered statistically significant.  Massage therapy did seem to be associated with a significant decrease in the immediate anxiety scores just before a radiotherapy treatment, which is considered as procedural anxiety.

One of the most recent publications of a controlled and randomized trial of therapeutic massage, for patients with cancer, is a multicenter study in the U.K.  A total of 288 patients with cancer were offered complementary therapy services for their clinical depression and/or anxiety. These patients were randomly allocated a course of the usual supportive care alone or aromatherapy massage.  A reduction in depression and anxiety was seen after two-weeks of intervention. The authors’ conclusion states that aromatherapy massage is an effective therapy for patients with cancer, in order to reduce their symptoms of mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety. Whether you are suffering from breast cancer, ovarian, mesothelioma or leukemia; there is potential benefits for all in massage therapy. Consult your doctor today and see if massage therapy will work for you. What are you waiting for? Go indulge in a massage today!



Monday, August 20, 2012

What Were You Born To Do?

         What Were You Born To Do?

When I Google the words Born To: (funny how a word as obtuse in sound like goggle is in fact a verb). Okay back to the theme when I Google the phrase Born To

Within 0.24 seconds more than 32, 600,000 searches populated. Many phrases populated such as born to run, born to fly, born to race, born to be somebody just to name a few.

I was not surprised that the phrase Born to Run was the number one ranked phrase. The phrase is most often associated with musician Bruce Springsteen Grammy award winning song Born to Run. The song is of course an anthem for a generation of fans across the globe.

While I was not surprised to see Born To Run as the number one goggle rank phrase including the words 'Born To' I was not prepared for the fact that my favorite phrase was nowhere in sight. I began to feel a bit like Forrest Gump. Just when I think it is safe to dive in the deep end of the pool as I  preparing to leap from the diving board "something just jumped up and bit me."  Reality set in and I began to ponder the question. If my favorite phrase was nowhere in sight could this be a direct correlation with the rise in crime, unwarranted violence, lack of tolerance, homeliness and war. You tell me. I never expected the second most popular phrase to be the following.

Born to Die can we be any more morbid? Yes I know it is a fact of life but eeh gads not what I expected by any stretch of the imagination.  I have of course my own thoughts about what phrase should be ranked in the top 5 but much to my dismay my preferred phase was nowhere on the goggle radar screen. 

I began to scroll down and yes without question it was evident to me why we as a nation and globally struggle to live in peace.  Finally on the third goggle rank page I located my favorite phrase for 
                                                Born To:

There it was on my screen in black and white and my heart began to beat just a tad bit quicker yet it made me think.  If I had to go this far to find the phrase how far does each of us in this crazy and disjointed world have to go to find the real deal.  Was it easier in days of old to find, embrace and hold on to or is it just my our imagination as the song says.

I decided to do my small but significant part to popularize and give legs to run my number one phrase:               
                                               BORN TO LOVE

Yes I knew exactly what I would do. Each time someone asks me how am I doing, I am going to answer, “ Great because I was Born to Love.  Each time someone ask me what have I been up to?  I am going to answer, “5’6 because I was Born To Love.” The next time someone ask me what is your name. I will answer, “Sharen Sierra and I was Born To Love. “ In short I will be who I was born to be a girl, not perfect, but without question Born To Love.

                                             What were you Born To do?


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It is never too late to change your ways..but since tomorrow is not promised why not try forgiving someone today.  Beginning with YOU. Whatever shame, hurt or pain you are carrying much like the Rock of Gibraltar lay your burden now right where you are.
Unlock the key to Forgiveness click link below...........come on I promise it does not hurt.

Matthew 6:14-15

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.