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Monday, August 20, 2012

What Were You Born To Do?

         What Were You Born To Do?

When I Google the words Born To: (funny how a word as obtuse in sound like goggle is in fact a verb). Okay back to the theme when I Google the phrase Born To

Within 0.24 seconds more than 32, 600,000 searches populated. Many phrases populated such as born to run, born to fly, born to race, born to be somebody just to name a few.

I was not surprised that the phrase Born to Run was the number one ranked phrase. The phrase is most often associated with musician Bruce Springsteen Grammy award winning song Born to Run. The song is of course an anthem for a generation of fans across the globe.

While I was not surprised to see Born To Run as the number one goggle rank phrase including the words 'Born To' I was not prepared for the fact that my favorite phrase was nowhere in sight. I began to feel a bit like Forrest Gump. Just when I think it is safe to dive in the deep end of the pool as I  preparing to leap from the diving board "something just jumped up and bit me."  Reality set in and I began to ponder the question. If my favorite phrase was nowhere in sight could this be a direct correlation with the rise in crime, unwarranted violence, lack of tolerance, homeliness and war. You tell me. I never expected the second most popular phrase to be the following.

Born to Die can we be any more morbid? Yes I know it is a fact of life but eeh gads not what I expected by any stretch of the imagination.  I have of course my own thoughts about what phrase should be ranked in the top 5 but much to my dismay my preferred phase was nowhere on the goggle radar screen. 

I began to scroll down and yes without question it was evident to me why we as a nation and globally struggle to live in peace.  Finally on the third goggle rank page I located my favorite phrase for 
                                                Born To:

There it was on my screen in black and white and my heart began to beat just a tad bit quicker yet it made me think.  If I had to go this far to find the phrase how far does each of us in this crazy and disjointed world have to go to find the real deal.  Was it easier in days of old to find, embrace and hold on to or is it just my our imagination as the song says.

I decided to do my small but significant part to popularize and give legs to run my number one phrase:               
                                               BORN TO LOVE

Yes I knew exactly what I would do. Each time someone asks me how am I doing, I am going to answer, “ Great because I was Born to Love.  Each time someone ask me what have I been up to?  I am going to answer, “5’6 because I was Born To Love.” The next time someone ask me what is your name. I will answer, “Sharen Sierra and I was Born To Love. “ In short I will be who I was born to be a girl, not perfect, but without question Born To Love.

                                             What were you Born To do?


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