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Sunday, November 25, 2012


                           DATING TIPS FOR THE UNINFORMED

Question: is it okay to use texting when asking a person out on date?  
Answer:  Really are you an idiot or you play one on a now defunct Soap Opera?

Recently I had the distinct displeasure of having a man (who was a potential suitor but no more) ask me out on a date via text. Some of you may be thinking nothing wrong with that and others of you may feel as I do déclassé to the tenth degree. Yes I know this is 2012 and 2013 is fast approaching.  Technology is progressing at the speed of light but do we have to give up manners and common courtesy to refer to ourselves as contemporary and have a Friday night date?  Me personally I would prefer to stay home and watch a marathon of the latest horror show Bridezillas a feature on

Come on now really Darn near anything would be preferable than to have a man or in the case of you men a woman not value blah blah I refuse to sugarcoat the fact that it is R-U-D-E rude to ask you for the pleasure of your company via text. Just short of a booty call to put it not so tactfully.  It is lazy and presumptuous to utilize texting as a primary mode to share and exchange thoughts with another person. Thirdly but no less important is the fact it is a cowardly passive aggressive act.  In the scheme of things Text Messaging as a form of communication within a (any) relationship is nothing less than a recipe for sabotage leading to disaster.  Disaster on a level of 4.5 on the righter scale leading to, to hurt feelings, misunderstanding, anger and cursing, leading to a break-up. 

Is this a dating tip or a dating phenomenon? Is this something I really need to write about?  Allow me to answer my own query.  Yes unequivocally and a resounding yes. If you are new to my writings let me share a simple but important fact.  I write about relevant subjects that I as a single personally experience and you share with me on my radio show, during my speaking engagements and via e-mail.  This is the element that separates me from the also ran’s such as the therapist and experts in sociologist such as Dr. Andrew Cherlin. I am not disputing the relevancy of studies and research. However there is no substitute for real life experiences.

A soliloquy of thought is meant to be performed on a stage for a play and not to be read on your I-phone or any other Smartphone. Come on folks if you doubt me refer to the definition of texting: is the act of typing and sending a brief, electronic message between two or more mobile phones or fixed portable devices over a phone network. Nowhere does this say solve the woes and transgressions of your dysfunctional relationship and this include family, friends and co-workers. 

So the next time you want to send a text message which includes anything other than a perfunctory message of,” I am 15 minutes late or can’t talk now in a meeting. OK I can bow to sentiment and include, "I love you or I miss you see you soon." But anything other than a message that can fit on the side of quarter is best left for utilizing your verbal communication skills.  Keeping this as of measure for common sense and good manners before you speak in anger or simply decide to let the flood gates open via text.  Make sure you breathe rethink and remember the simple line ‘Just leave it alone.’  

Need I remind you that any and everything that utilizes technology and electronics remains in this universe forever and can be used against you in a court lo law? If you doubt me just ask Judge Judy.
Any questions just remember you can always e-mail me or if you are in need of a Dating  Coach or a Relationship Coach for those already dating.  Sharen Sierra

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