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Monday, January 14, 2013

 Is Love Sweeter The Second Time 

          Around With Your First Love?                                        

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Is LOVE sweeter the second time around with your FIRST LOVE?  This is not a new question. I am positive while I have no names to share with you that this a question that has been asked and answered since the beginning of time.  Who knows perhaps Cleopatra while aligning her self and country with Julius Ceasar had more than fond memories of her FIRST LOVE.

I can share first hand knowledge that with the popularity of Goggle and FaceBook that many, both men and women have taken drastic steps to answer this very question.  The tag It’s Complicated on FaceBook has replaced affairs of the heart and unrequited Love. If you do not know someone, who knows someone, that has either discovered their wife/ husband or significant other sharing Face Space in secret just wait a day you will.  Broken hearts and marriages are littered in the Facebook Graveyard named Status.  Perhaps it is because they make it so easy to change your status. With just one click you go from single to engage to married to it’s complicated to divorce and then the inevitable back to single once again.

Or maybe it is just because as a culture we have the attention span of 'A Nat' whatever that means. What I do know is that Facebook can be a dangerous tool much like an automatic assault rifle. No matter who owns it. (sorry NRA) 

But that brings us back to the question. “ Is Love sweeter the second time around with your FIRST LOVE?”

When I goggled the question. One of the first sites that populated was that of celebrities who married the same person twice.  Oddly enough known of the 12 stars were minorities.  Don’t ask why I included that fact it just seemed odd. To name a few, of course Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Then there is Pamela Lee Anderson and Tommy Lee, Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner and Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn.  Oh wait there is Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa. No I guess on and off again and on again only counts if the judge bangs the gavel and says the words divorce. 

I wrote about kisses a few months ago and their distinct differences.  Is your FIRST LOVE distinctly different than your second, third or fourth. Is your FIRST LOVE just a figment of your imagination because you only remember the good and not the bad and the ugly? Or is the memories of your FIRST LOVE so great because it was the first time you realized your heart was made for something significant other than pumping oxygen rich blood to every living cell in the body. 

Maybe just the thought of your FIRST LOVE is over the moon that you cannot help but think it will be better the second time around because you hope and pray it will be as it was before. A time you remember because it was pure undulated Joy pumping to ever living cell in your body.

Well the romantic in me says if nothing else thinking about my FIRST LOVE brings back a flood of memories.  Not all of the memories are  good but they certainly leave me feeling warm and fuzzy. What about you what are your memories of your FIRST LOVE? Are your memories Good?  I certainly hope so mine are.  Recently I talked to my FIRST LOVE and for sure just the sound of his voice caused my heart to skip a beat or two. If nothing else I certainly enjoyed reminiscing to when I was a size 2.  

Yes a FIRST LOVE is certainly special or as Albert Einstein points out.. Fool Me Once but certainly not twice.

“No, this trick won't work... How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? ” 
― Albert Einstein

Amen Albert.....tell me about your FIRST LOVE leave a comment.