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Sunday, March 24, 2013

                                     RECIPE FOR LOVE
                              LOVE AND COMFORT FOOD

Today I decided with a possible 4 inches of snow headed my way I would hunker down make a big pot of comfort food and catch up on the ABC series Scandal. Ah yes chicken noodles from scratch (not the noodles). So on each commercial break I would race off to the kitchen and add to the pot carefully stirring and seasoning as the aroma began to waft throughout the house. If you are familiar with the creator and writer Shonda Rhimes you know she is the master of build up and if you miss one scene you might just miss the connective bond.  Now you know my dilemma. My love of intrigue, love and suspense or my love of good food that gives sustenance, nourishment to the family I love? Easy choice you would think.

Imagine this I am standing at the stove pondering if I should turn off the pot, which is not a good thing. However this of course will allow me to watch the remainder of Scandal.  Or should I be diligent and complete the task at hand?  The last three steps, thickening the broth, add the noodles and of course the piece de resistance the succulent pieces of chickens.

Suddenly it dawned on me how like cooking finding, nourishing and maintaining love can be. Think about the similarities for just a moment.  To prepare a meal you think about what you want and in most cases you make a list to insure you have all the necessary ingredients. Sometimes you have to shop around to find just the right missing ingredient. You look in grocery stores, churches, online at work.  Once you locate what you are looking for you must have the right measurement of each ingredient.  Much like a recipe each person’s taste are distinct and different. Some put more value into kindness, faith, similar goals, dreams and desires and yet others value success, education, and hierarchy of life.

Now that you have your ingredients what do you do? Is it a dish that you sauté, steam, broil or bake.  Is it a love that is nurtured slowly with a chaste overlook or is all in like a game of poker?  Cooking and Love each has it’s own path to success. 
Whichever you are undertaking think about the recipe of someone you love and cherish.  Often times the recipe is in their head or written down covered with flour, torn and folded corners kept safe in an index cardholder.  However you store your recipe for a favorite dish or love you can bet there is love attached to the recipe and the actual dish.