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About me hmmm? I can bore you with,” Just the Facts” a catchphrase made famous from the 50's hit television show Dragnet and list my credentials.  Not only would it bore you it would put me to sleep.

My career while not entirely a fluke is a definite result of luck and blessings, my wants and desires to be a bit of a rebel, opportunity, me recognizing my passion and gift while not allowing my fear of failure to overshadow my desire to eat and provide for my family.

I have to thank my mother, Alice for living her life as an influencer and encourager! Yes, I know these words are out of context. But this is the point of achieving and living your best life sometimes life is out of context. Those who choose to equip themselves with tools to navigate and adapt will succeed.

My strongest equipment has and will remain my belief and reliance on God.

Working across industries in various countries in the area of  Public Relations, Media, and Brand Marketing, Business Development and Community and Employee Engagement has brought to this place with a hyphenated title,             a Business and  Life Strategist

 I am a proponent of a few simple facts:
  • Keys to success and self-fulfillment is a constant and ever evolving process made possible only if you set goals, work diligently and catch a break with a dose of luck.  
  • Your faith and strength for your personal and professional growth most not be rooted in your desire to make money.  
  • Creating a lifestyle that allows you freedom and time for enriching the lives of your family and community locally and globally is tantamount to living a life peace and joy. 

The facts on my list are good but what is relevant to me can also be true for you whether for your personal or business goals. You must discover your gift, conquer your fear, be strategic; focused and be able to tell  'Your Unique Story.'

        I am a Believer in the Impossible, and I am a Miracle made special by GOD.

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