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DECEMBER 15, 2010


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LIVING SINGLE can be daunting (discouraging) for many in areas of parenting, traveling, dining and especially relocating to cities with no support system. If you notice I wrote can be. The days of being labeled an 'OLD MAID' or 'SPINSTER' and the negativity of living under the umbrella of the pity and humiliation of not being married are long over. Is there a negative word to label single men? No of course NOT!  The poster boy of Living Single happy as a 'Bachelor' and not scared single for this era and the last decade or so is of course George Clooney.  Now I am not hating on George as I have had the distinct pleasure of being in his company many times as we hail from the same neck of the backwoods Kentucky/Cincinnati we share an airport, the Ohio River and a love affair for George Clooney and his passion for living life well on all fronts.

It has been written that he is scared of being married or scared of getting married call it what you like he looks happy to me and each time I have had the pleasure of being in the midst of his company has been memorable.  So I would definitely give him the accolades of Scared Single...but not AFRAID! And an 'ATTABOY' to boot.

Okay ladies we are not referring to the men who have touched your lives with lies and bad bad behavior we are not going there. This is a R-Rated forum. The word that is most often used to describe men that live single no matter the age (unless they are widowed) is 'BACHELOR' nothing about that word has a resemblance of desperation. No just the opposite, 'BACHELOR' carries with it a distinct ring of being distinguished and this image is played out throughout our culture in advertisement, movies, television, and all aspects of our everyday life. The playing field will never be level and frankly that is not my concern. Living Single is not a sickness and if 'SINGLE' is your status embrace all the benefits and LIVE SINGLE happy and loving life out loud because you are not alone quite the contrary you are in the majority.

America’s 89.6 million singles head over half of America’s households - 50.3%, according to the 2006 US Census - and they have a love of media and socializing that can reward marketers who realistically depict the unmarried lifestyle, according to a recent report.
More racially diverse than the overall population, singles are also younger - 57% are less than 45 years old, and four in ten are younger than 35, according to “Singles in the US: the New Nuclear Family,” a report from market research publisher Packaged Facts, a division of

Is this an example of Art Imitating Life or Life Imitating Art?  The predominant number of popular television shows are those that once were based on family and the values of maintaing a happy home.
In contrast to the shows that concentrate on living life single with an emphasis on socializing, drinking, quick hook ups and no responsibility.  I am not just referring to the MTV shoes such as Jersey Shore. No aux contrare when I watch that type of wanton debauchery even I become scared of being single.

 The shows once had a theme of living single and finding your way to an adult life.

Not necessarily the theme of the majority of todays television top rated shows with a single theme. With the advent of Reality Shows the envelope is being pushed to the top of drunken, lewd behavior with no plan of growing up but a definite direction of drinking until you throw up.  I guess that means Jersey Shore is succeeding at its goal.
This show does not just make me Scared if being Single. It just makes me Scared and very afraid.

This page will serve as a clearinghouse for where, what, how, when and the what for Single Living.

WHERE to go because such as restaurant and bistros that realize singles even in a bad economy find a way to get out and meet for drinks and dinner. Where not to go because when you walk through the door and approach the hostess/host stand they look past you for the second person in your group of one. When asked how many they walk directly past the empty tables in the front of the restaurant to that fabulous table in the back near the swinging door by the kitchen.

WHAT affects singles directly and distinctly differently ranging from laws and taxes to discounts and businesses that cater to single as viable clients in all classifications, gender, age and parental status just to name a few.

HOW to live and grasp the Platinum(and not the Brass) Ring, in all areas of your life.

WHEN events are happening that cater specifically to single.

WHAT helpful hints and thoughts to apply to your life and particular issue to enhance and or assist you attain your desired result.


IF you desire individual LifeStyle Coaching from wardrobe, health and wellness, career or dating (especially newly divorced) call on me  I will be happy to assist.

Being a Relationship expert/consultant I am not here to judge but work with you on a realistic goal set culminating in discovery.


You've seen it have seen it more times than I can remember and Yes I must admit I have had the pleasure and the frustration of being one of those...One of those families traveling with kids struggling with the bags to stay together in line...hold on let me put the brakes on...

Okay really to be perfectly honest the madness starts at home the night before and continues through the day of travel.  For me it was not as bad as it could have been as I inherited this experience with teens from my now defunct ex-fiance (thank you God) okay I digress.  The experience is different at different stages beginning with newborns who of course they cry.  You would cry to if you had no concept that you are even aware that your ears hurt.  Then there are the toddlers who either want absolutely nothing to do with keeping up with their parents far too many new sounds. smells and people to think of their little legs running constantly to stay within arms distance of parents.  Or we have the exact which is pull their own lil suitcase (like my angel of a niece Jael...her ultimate purpose in life is, 'I wanna help') filled with their most precious and prized possessions.  After that it is random to disappering