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I think the title ‘Relationship Reality’ speaks volumes on the reason and purpose of this page. Speak the truth and hopefully your truth will set you free and might help someone else in need.

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December 10, 2010

A reality of dating in the times of which we now live is that nearly everyone above the age of 13 has dating baggage. I know scary right? It feels funny just to write an age so young but you only have to look around to see that a major percentage of kids today hormones are running in overdrive and they are far ahead unfortunately of their time on issues of sex, drugs, suicide, bullying and self-esteem.  It seems like yesterday but it was not when all of media outlets from television to newspapers were reporting the story (thanks to past President Bill Clinton escapades with Monica Lewinsky) of the alarming number of teens girls giving oral to boys because they did not perceive it to be an act of sex.

Now with all of this knowledge running through the pubescent brains of teen children how are SINGLE PARENTS supposed to date?

This is the question of the ages, how do Single Parents date?  Not just date but date successfully? It is not rocket science actually that would be easier than being a parent of a child of any age and attempting to date.  Oh wait there is one classification more precarious and that is the person dating the parent of the child.

Given the statistics that there are 89 million of age single Americans couple this number with the knowledge of nearly 51% of all head of households are single and you can see where this is headed.  On a road full of warning signs such as yield proceed with caution or stop cliff to hell straight ahead.  In 2009 there were approximately 13.7 million single parents and those parents are responsible for raising 21.8 million kids who think they are grown and know more than you with 26% under the age of 21. This is much more than a prevailing issue for stability in our lives and the future of our country.

I have only one appropriate answer to the question, ‘How are SINGLE PARENTS supposed to date? There is no one answer to this question other than Pray Just Pray!