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Spirit, Body & Soul

Cleanse Your Soul With Words Of Truth and Inspiration. Exercise your way to a healthier life while maintaining your physical self. It is not only important but also imperative to recognize the necessity of including weekly, consistent exercise as a part of your life. Physical activity is essential to living a long and healthy life in every way. Daily words, physical exercise are life enhancement tools that work together to encourage, uplift your spirit, mind, body and soul which in turn will allow you to decipher through the noise of living in a busy hectic world. When distracted find your center, your breath and your balance with words of truth, wisdom and spiritual healing.  

                                                          HEALTHY LIVING
                                    WHO IS HEALTHIER
                          MARRIED COUPLES -vs- SINGLES
Long standing debate who is healthier Married Couples -vs- Singles.  Depending on who you talk to or what study you read. So I have decided to interview men and women single and married on their thoughts, theories and real life experiences.          

Interview 1: Pamela Champion Henry married 21 years her thoughts on married life and staying healthy.