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Style & Substance

STYLE The word speaks for itself everything and anything to do with Design, Fashion, Genre,Human Physical Appearance, Music, Film, Television, and Literature, Pick your poison and share your thoughts. What works was does not work. Share the tricks of your own sense of style and how you arrived at this place and point. Is the style of a SINGLE parent whether mother or father different of that to their married counterpart? Does living single afford you a different outlook on what is appropriate in the different segments of your life. Certainly there is a difference so write and share the same, similar and the distinct difference.

SUBSTANCE now this word has a variable of definitions all circling back to a meaning of merit or matter. A few of my favorite definitions of substance are as follows according to

1. of that of which a thing consist; physical matter or material:form and substance.

2. the actual matter of thing, as opposed to the appearance of shadow;reality

3. solid character or quality

Now I am not hating but I read somewhere that Kim Kardashian is the poster girl for Single Women. I am wondering is Kim Kardashian life translating to REALITY for Single Women?

You decide ....

If you need additional confirmation ....href="">
Who in your opinion lives life single that you admire, want to emulate or simply embarrass and disgust you.

USHER who wants to be the Black and Younger version of HUGH HEFNER founder of the PLAYBOY empire  

USHER words: I WANT A "HAREM of WOMEN" he should have listened to his MAMA! His mother told him not to marry 'that woman" TAMEKA FOSTER RAYMOND.


GEORGE CLOONEY the poster boy for Bachelorhood . I must say George does single like no one else. Each woman exists the relationship, with a designer wardrobe, a more successful career, a fabulous portfolio and nary a restraining order or court appearance how does that happen in Hollywood.

Perhaps the key is living in Italy where the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, 72, who has been linked with an 18-year-old who declares that she is still a virgin.  

The Prime Minister was also linked to a sex scandal for pay was adamant that he has never paid for sex.

Share your thoughts.....

Is your life missing STYLE and or e-mail for a head to toe evaluation, this can include your home, and or office.

                                                  YVES SAINT-LAURENT